Friday, June 15, 2007

Baby Visit

We walked in to the Gynae office... Guess what the nurse went out for lunch already.

The whole office is empty... Only 2 of us.... Playing around with my camera phone.

The weighing machine shows....

Damn it!!! I am 80KG....

Snapshots on some of the guide for new parents.

Finally, the Gynae is back and with other patient... When is my turn??

Another month has passed quietly... Today, me and pauline are going to visit our gynae for monthly check up again. We reach Damansara Specialist rather late in the afternoon that is all because of the Hong Kong TVB series "Heart of Greed" that made us watch until 3:00am yesterday. (...)

The little baby of ours is approximately 31 weeks-old already...Gynae did some scanning for the baby but we can't really see the 4D Effect this time because she is too big inside and taken alot of space!!!

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