Friday, June 29, 2007


Last weekend, Yumiko 鄭希怡(Hong Kong artist) embarrased again in Canada while she was performing. Her bra tube has accidentally slip and flashed her nipples without knowing during the New Talent Singing Awards Toronto Audition show at Wonderland, Canada. The same accident last year happened this year and I believed she will be on the headlines again on entertainment news, magazine and newspaper.

Last year, on 10 December 2006, while performing a stunt for TVB's annual charity show, her trousers were accidentally pulled off by Chin Ka Lok and revealed her G-String underwear. This caused great embarrassment for Yumiko and the incident went on to dominate the Hong Kong headlines.

I strongly believe that in this world, people are more interested on seeing victim (artist) rather than enjoy artist performance when there is embarrassment take place. Same case goes to Paris Hilton when she was locked up and being headlines for all kind of media from news, magazines and newspaper in the world. (This inevitability will boost the sales of the media and make tonnes of cash!!)


Johnson Tee said...

wahlau, if you really sympthatize with the artist, then don't put on the you tube video lar!

i saw the youtube video in canada, and its really no big deal (pun intended)

but i dunno what is more embarrasing, her nipple slip or her singing!

Law said...

some people in canada commented that her tone of singing is totally gone!!! wahahahaha

Jenny said...

i really pity those artist, as ppl just can't wait for the chance to catch them.

Anonymous said...

Plz!!her tone was never there to begin with. She sucks big time and she not even that good looking

Anonymous said...

Her nipple slip video of her entire performance still available for viewing at: