Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Good Bye Gunners, Welcome to Nou Camp

Thiery Henry says Goodbye Wenger and the fellow Gunners. Well, in the other end of the europe Nou Camp, Barcelona is welcoming the all time highscorer of English Premier League player Thiery Henry to the new club joining Ronaldinho, Messi and E'to to the new La Liga campaign after the summer of 2007.

Henry posturing at the Nou Camp. Photo from Soccernet

Arsenal's fans will be disappointed again in the new season of English Premier League 2007 - 2008 with the loss of their talisman Thiery Henry. As a football fans, I personally don't wish to see this happen as we have more live soccer from English Premier League compare to La Liga from Astro.

Arsenal has declined their standing in English Premier League sharply after the departured of Patrick Viera where the frenchman heading to Juventus and apparently joining Inter Milan subsequently the relegation of Juventus in 2005 season in Italy.

This year 2007, we see the talented striker of Arsenal, Thiery Henry move to spain will directly impact the attacking and style of play for Arsenal in the forth coming season. Can you rely so much on youngster Wenger? Well, I personally don't think so.

As a sportsman since I was young I knew that a team must have a play-maker that boost the team confident and motivation to go further to achieve success as a team. As my father always says "Small success you must be hardworking, Huge success you must work as a Team".

Without Thiery Henry brilliant assist and attack will Gunners be a mid-table team in the English Premier League. I don't doubt it. (Probably Lower... Ha Ha Ha...)

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