Thursday, June 7, 2007

Prison Break

Familiar with this combination of people. Yes it's Prison Break!!!

I personally don't really like to watch series because need to spend a lot of time on TV (Make me got no time to blog! Just Kidding lar) those popular series like CSI, Desperate HouseWife, Heroes, The OC, Lost, One Three Hill, 4400, Prison Break, Criminal Minds and many more are often watch by Pauline (that's why I can name it.)

Michael Scofield doing research for Prison Break to save Lincoln Burrows.(Now I know why girl likes to watch man when they are concerntrating in work. He looks cool!!!)

Perhaps it is part of her influenced, I started to follow one of her favourite series Prison Break. The storyline is classic and imaginative that both of us discuss before bed what will happen next and we can't stop ourselves to finish both Season 1 and Season 2 in less than 1 month. What a heart pounding series.

According to her, most of the girls follow Prison Break because they are crazy about Michael Scofield a.k.a Wenworth Miller (I strongly believe!!! Smart, Cute, Good Looking, HII and romantic). I only fancy about his Tattoo only!!! Ha Ha Ha...

This is the Tattoo!!! The blue print of the Prison.

The second season of Prison Break is unfinished yet because we still don't know what will Michael Scofield face and experience in the SONA.
Well so far I really haven't seen any series storyline that is anything close to Prison Break. If you do have any good series please recommend to me.

P/S To those of you who have not watch this series please head back to your nearest video store to get one of them.

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Irene said...

Oh, the main reason I watch Prison Break is because of the yummylicious Wenthworth Miller too! He is so gorgeous and his eyes are so sexy..hehehe.

Well,I like CSI and Heroes too. I think Bonds also not bad. There is another series which I'm crazy with - Greys Anatonomy. I guess every gal that watch the series will fall in love with Mr.Mcdreamy, haha.