Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Low Fare - RM 1 FLY with Malaysia Airlines

Few years ago when AirAsia roll out their business plan to Malaysian. I still clearly remember it's tag line "Everyone Can Fly". They put up ads about air fare as low as RM 1 to lure public. (I personally feel cheated because there are alot of add up taxes here and there. It could be amounted to few hundred. So, prove me how Everyone can Fly.)

From 20th June 2007 onwards Malaysia Airlines offers Air Fare as low as RM 1 for a period of 1 month. (Period 20th June 2007 to 22 July 2007)

Anyone feels like taking a few days off from office go to this link LOW FARE TICKET from Malaysia Airlines before it is too late.

PS: I can't fly now. But hope everyone can fly. HA HA HA!!!!


Anonymous said...

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gossip with david said...

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joycechonburi said...

Malaysia Airline thinks everyone is dumb. Their advertisement is always misleading. Like RM99 to phuket, but in fact it's only valid for one way and return is full fare additional of tax. Once we checked the 'always break-down' website of MAS, we felt like we kena conned! In fact, people would rather take MAS than Air Asia b'cos less chances of delays. If they could offer the REAL low fares, it would attract lot of customers. What i can say is 'MAS is always a disappointment'. Not even close to the tag line 'Everyone can fly' lor......