Friday, June 29, 2007

Free Review by Bloggers @ ReviewBack

Refer to HongKiat about the Free Review Back by bloggers. This is great to share among in the blogosphere these days because bloggers are eager to get link and reviewed by others (but have to pay $$$)

Review Back is a free blog review and exchange service by ReviewBack.

While traditional advertising and marketing is still affective, in today's blogosphere the easiest and most effective way of promoting your content and website is by having fellow bloggers write about and link to your site.

Reviewback takes all of the work out of tracking down and negotiating with fellow bloggers. Instead, we provide a marketplace and trading ground where bloggers and copywriters alike can get in touch with one another and help each other increase their exposure. All you need to do is sign up, add your site into our directory, and begin swapping reviews with networked bloggers. BY REVIEWBACK.

The HOT of Review Back is *You review another blog but instead of getting paid for doing that, you get your blog reviewed in return*. (No need to pay a single penny!!! That is worth while to share!!!)

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