Monday, June 11, 2007

Terrible Weekend!!! Fload in Kuala Lumpur Prime Area.

Last Sunday, as usual I have my family dinner with my wife and the in-laws. Everyone was talking about the 2007 Tennis French Open finals between Roger Federer VS Rafal Nadal. We planned to have a early dinner and than watch the finals live from Roland Garros.

This time, I personally favour Roger Federer to win on this clay court surface and this is the only Gland Slam crown to elude him.

While waitng for the live telecast, rain started pouring around Klang Valley area. My father-in-law insisted to go makan some where near the house (Ong Lay "Big Fried") instead of order take away.

So, all the soldiers follow the commander's order and heading to the restaurant. Not more than 30 minutes enjoying the lovely "steam fish head"...My mother-in-law rang me up and told me the rain getting worst and the water level from the drain was rising. Well, I delivered the message to my father-in-law and everyone on the dinner table was quite annoyed about the rain. In less than 2 minutes, my mother-in-law called me again, saying the kitchen is fload already.

OMG... this is not a good news. As my wife house is located in one of the Kuala Lumpur fload area (Jalan Raja Laut). Without much hesitation me and the brother-in-law quicikily go back and move our car away to a higher place. (I parked at Sime Darby building). Below are some of the terrible scenes for those of you who never experience fload before.

I'm the first one to reach my wife's house at Lorong Tiong Nam 4.

Pauline and her sister reach the house about 15 minutes later. Water Level 6-inches from ground.

Pauline showing off the water level is rising to her knee.

Everyone was busy rescue all the stuff in the living room. The pregnant Pauline just look relax only.... I wish I'm pregnant now... Ha Ha Ha...

The kitchen is gone. We can't save so much with our bare hands. Hope the rain stops and the water level goes down.

Everyone looks exhausted after moving Pauline's beloved piano and the safe box (500kg).

The fload rise about 3FT high already. OMG!!!

Free swimming lesson from Mr. Doggy!!! Luckily it wasn't a snake!!! Niamah...

To those who often drop by at Pauline house. This is the damage the F**king fload cause to us.

The Living Room in total mess now.

Suddenly, I was thinking of going to pee. WTF!!! The toilet also gone...

Toile cannot go. French Open finals cannot watch. Fridge also don't dare to open... Really sucks!!!

View taken from 2nd floor of Pauline's house. It was midnight!!!

Feel like in Vanice now, Kuala Lumpur turn to "water village"!!!

We waited until 1:00am when the water level went down and started to do the cleaning until 2:30am. I can feel my whole body is aching in office now....

Again, I really don't understand what the hack DBKL is going to take any action against this act of god. More prevention on fload or improve the city drainage system??? I don't see any improvement here. (As I experienced this before during year 2003). It is shame to tell people that the at one of the Kuala Lumpur prime area is floaded like this. How are we going to achieve Wawasan 2020 with this kind of infrastructure the government of Malaysia serves it's people. Pak Lah or Datuk Bandar please do something to aid the helpless.


Elaine said...

Wow... looks bad... but the first thing JoAnn asked was......

Well............. we were all thankful that "The Roof" wasn't compromised in anyway.... else... I would be the Vice Chairman of "Saving the Roof" Tabung.... hahahahahahah....

Pauline said...

Luckily we have a few hunks there that nite to lift the piano to the elevated room.
The piano has been shifted to Cheras for risk management purpose. ahhahaha.. Cant afford another piano if anything happen to this one..

Because Da Roof is located at 1 floor above the ground, it it still well preserved. However, we dun mind contribution/ donations for face lift... ha ha