Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Copa America 2007, Venezuela

Tomorrow morning 6:00AM (Malaysian Time) will be the 42nd edition of Copa America 2007 live from Venezuela. This year tournament will be feature by 12 nations all from the South America continent beside 2 were by invitation the team Mexico and USA.

The format of the tournament:
1. Separated into 3 groups

Group A (Venezuela, Uruguay, Peru, Bolivia)
Group B (Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Ecuador)
Group C (Argentina, USA, Colombia, Paraguay)

2. Quater-final will be represent by Top 2 team in each group and 2 Best 3rd team among the group

3. Final will play on the 15th July 2007.

I believe when the Brazil and Argentina game live in the morning, most of the Mamak Store will be crowded and packed by football fans. For bosses who are considerate, please let your staff to watch it lar (anyway it just last 90minutes and about an hour of gossip about the match.)

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