Monday, June 4, 2007

Cheap Sushi in Malaysia

Last weekend when I was shopping in KLCC's Isetan (supermarket area) I finally discovered the Cheapest Sushi in Malaysia!! Is here at Isetan!!!

The Sushi price varies from RM0.90 to RM10.00 depends on what you choose. The chef will monitor what is the HOT SELLING and replace Sushi when it is taken away by customers. Therefore, you will only get the fresh one everytime and it is full of variety for you to choose. You will feel the display Sushi talking to you and yelled PICK ME!! PICK ME!! PICK ME!!!

SEE the Sushi really talks!!!

After picking up a few of my favourite Sushi I had a little tour in the supermarket well Pauline headed to her favourite area chocolate and junk food. I stopped by at the area selling Imported Fruits from Japan. Guess what guys. You won't believe the price shown on the fruits. Here are some photos I taken.

Imported Orange from Japan. Price tag: RM8.90 per piece (OMG I never seen such an expensive orange in my life!!! My mom can get from wet market easily RM10 per dozen)

Imported Peach from Japan. Price tag: RM19.90 (It should be very tasty!!! But I can't afford it.)

Imported Cherry from Japan. Price tag: RM42.00(Wah-Lau this is expensive compare to the USA one...)

Imported Grape from Japan. Price tag: RM65.00 (this is the most expensive among the rest!!!)

Well I don't want to mislead anyone who read this blog. Isetan not only sells cheap Sushi but expensive fruits too. Perhaps the target customers for imported fruits are for expatriates from Japan but not local like us.

If you want to find out more Japanese Restaurant in Malaysia please visit Pamper Zone.


Franx Budi said...

Sushi..wah nampak sedap ya..sayang I tinggal kat far man..Nice blog you have..In jakarta Susi is a name of women

gossip with david said...

I pernah lawat Jakarta before dude. I know one of the well known Indonesian female badminton legend Susi-Susanti!!!

celina said...

Excellent stuff with interesting information!!....Also, attractive pictures and great post made this segment amazing...Thanking you....